john koskinen

The House Freedom Caucus would impeach a ham sandwich -- if it were a Democrat.
Commissioner admits there is nothing to stop someone under audit from releasing returns, such as Donald Trump.
Conservatives are done waiting on GOP leadership to give them a vote.
Eighteen other Republicans are behind him.
IRS Commissioner John Koskinen appears to be headed toward issuing new IRS regulations that will continue to license section 501(c)(4) groups to improperly launder massive amounts of secret contributions into federal elections.
Whether data compromises give rise to breaking news stories or pounding headaches, anything less than a zero-tolerance attitude toward identity-related crimes won't get us to the place we need to be.
"I'm sorry the mistakes happened, if they happened, and I'm happy to apologize to say if taxpayers have gotten themselves
Rep. Mike Kelly said IRS asset seizure was worse that water boarding.
The Internal Revenue Service has decided to award most nonprofit groups tax exemption status without being screened, Time reported Sunday.