John Kricfalusi

Controversial series creator John Kricfalusi, accused of sexual misconduct against girls in 2018, will not be making a comeback.
In the 1990s, John Kricfalusi reportedly made a drawing of a dog ejaculating on one of the two women.
It’s always a bad sign when a judicial nominee has to begin his hearing with an apology.
For his part, Kricfalusi doesn't deny that he was in an almost constant battle with executives during his time at Nick. Their
"What makes it cartoony is that you're doing things that are impossible to do. You have characters that have strong personalities
John was one of the guys responsible for the rebirth of truly anarchic, funny cartoons with Ren and Stimpy.
Known mostly for his grotesquely-drawn, hyperkinetic cartoons, Kricfalusi brings his decidedly unique vision to his "Simpsons