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Because his early life and half of his artistic career was so interwoven with the Beatles, I've included several biographies of the Beatles as well, which show the evolution of the group and the interactions of the members, especially the genius writing team of Lennon and Paul McCartney.
We remember John Lennon as we would a departed family member who inspired us, entertained us, educated us, confused us and gave us endless hours of cool stuff to talk about with our friends.
Life, as John Lennon told us, is what happens while you're busy making other plans. The same can be said for lessons, which sometimes arrive as unexpected gifts from our beautiful boys -- and girls.
His main interest now lies in ministering to prisoners. “Me and my wife have a ministry. We distribute brochures that tell
Eva Cassidy David Bowie Neil Young Lady Gaga Emeli Sande The Original Stevie Wonder On Oct. 11, 1971, John Lennon released
Are there any artists you currently enjoy listening to? Well, I don't have the time to listen to anything except my work
Many years ago, in a land far, far away, two young men set off on a journey to portray the experience of perception.
Actor Jim Carrey took to Twitter to blast opponents of gun control, calling them, "heartless motherf--kers unwilling to bend for the safety of our kids."
Actor Jim Carrey took to Twitter to blast opponents of gun control, calling them, "heartless motherf--kers unwilling to bend for the safety of our kids." We are joined by Kai Makarechi, Carolyn Castiglia, Mike Smith and Shirley Husar.
Carrey -- who has over 10 million Twitter followers and only follows his daughter Jane -- has a history of sending out pro
Having been working on a film about Mr. Lennon for a few years, I've discovered how deeply imbedded he is in the consciousness of so many. It's 32 years since Mr. Lennon was shot, and the song "Imagine" resonates as much now as when it was written.
In 1969, when The Beatles were parting ways, John Lennon told the band: "I'm breaking the group up. It feels good. It feels
A New York State parole board rejected Chapman's seventh parole application last week and yesterday released the transcript
In our turbulent and uncertain times today, we still have the music of John Lennon and Joe Strummer. It is as if they predicted the future, but are also along with us to see what happens next.
31 years ago this week, John Lennon had just been murdered, and the city was going wild because the New York Post ran a shocking front-page photo of his body in the morgue.
In Christmas 1978, I'd been working at Manny's Music Store for a little over a year. A few days after New Year's, Manny's owner announced, "Charly, I need you to go to John Lennon's home!"
"Lady Gaga has a very pretty bottom," Ono declared. "She performed with me on stage wearing a see-through lace catsuit and
The merriment of the Thanksgiving holiday was short-lived and this week saw a lot of controversy in the artworld. From Leonardo's