john lewis

Activists to remember the late John Lewis, Joseph Lowery, C.T. Vivian and Bruce Boynton at a virtual commemoration of the 56th anniversary of Bloody Sunday.
Lewis represented the Atlanta area, including much of DeKalb County, for more than three decades.
The rioters weren't able to stop the progress on Joe Biden's win or the Senate moving to Democratic control.
Former President Barack Obama paid tribute to the late civil rights icon in a moving statement Wednesday.
The crop art honoring the late civil rights icon was displayed ahead of the state's closely watched election.
Football players in the once-reluctant league protested against racism and police brutality by kneeling, raising fists or staying off the field for the national anthems.
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The president raised eyebrows with his comments on John Lewis, coronavirus, Ghislaine Maxwell and more.
The president declined to say if he found the late civil rights icon impressive.
A wax Queen Elizabeth, the erupting Pacaya volcano and a surfing dinosaur round out this week's best images.