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The Duchess of Sussex also shared behind-the-scenes pictures from a photo shoot for her new charity clothing line.
The festive promo for British department store John Lewis has received a mixed response.
"I’m not asking any of you to give any blood. I’m just asking you to go and vote like you never voted before," the congressman said while recalling protests in Selma.
Nearly 30 Democratic lawmakers have invited Dreamers to Trump's first State of the Union address.
“This is our own form of nonviolent resistance.”
The civil rights legend criticizes the president's "shithole" remark and says he won't attend his State of the Union address.
“President Trump’s attendance and his hurtful policies are an insult to the people portrayed in this civil rights museum."
They'll undoubtedly get you into the festive spirit.
With the plaintive saw of Kalia Yeagle’s fiddle in the background, Hasee Ciaccio’s unsentimental rendering of the “Omie Wise
Many President Trump observers believe he throws out inflammatory and divisive comments to distract in moments when the news