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Hillary Clinton picked up the endorsement of the Congressional Black Caucus' political action committee Thursday.
Watch a video of Lewis at Comic-Con above. Our children are the future. Posted by John Lewis on Saturday, July 11, 2015 For
On that day in 1965 that President Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act into law, "I would have been in utter disbelief
Congressman John Lewis was a young man when he marched from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama with Martin Luther King Jr. in 1965
"In 2002, he made himself available to anyone who wanted to hear his proposal to eliminate slush funds that wasted millions
“The movie is good timing with what is going on in Ferguson, and I was so pleased to see in the movie there was a mention
And Paul's own history with minority rights has had bumps. Paul took heat in 2013 when it was reported Jack Hunter, one of
Speaking ahead of Saturday's commemoration of the historic march, Lewis said "we have come too far to stop" the fight for
On Monday morning, John McCain traveled to Selma, Alabama, to give a speech about patriotism and courage--that is, to expropriate