John Lewis civil rights leader

Former President Barack Obama gave a starkly political eulogy for John Lewis, in which he criticized the Trump administration and called for voting rights reform.
Fox News host rips into the former president's eulogy for civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis.
The former president said Democrats should ditch the “Jim Crow relic” to make Election Day a national holiday, end gerrymandering and revitalize the Voting Rights Act.
The legendary civil rights leader and longtime Georgia member of Congress will be buried on Thursday.
Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are also expected to attend the service on Thursday.
Biden said the civil rights legend, just days before he died, urged him to concentrate on efforts to repair the nation's divide.
Both Vice President Mike Pence and former Vice President Joe Biden are expected to visit the late congressman as he lies in state.
The bridge became a landmark in the fight for racial justice when Lewis and other civil rights marchers were beaten there 55 years ago on “Bloody Sunday.”
A memorial for the late Rep. John Lewis, Portland protests, and life during the coronavirus pandemic round out this week's best images.
The civil rights legend will be among only a handful of Americans -- and the second Black lawmaker -- to be honored in this way.
The Fairfax County School Board removed the Confederate general's name from the school in June amid nationwide protests against racism and police brutality.
Vivian, a legendary minister, civil rights organizer and close ally to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was celebrated during a private funeral on Thursday.
A panel of officials picked the civil rights icon’s successor from a list of five Democrats.
The Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, is named after a Confederate general and Ku Klux Klan leader.
Lewis, the Black civil rights icon who some called the “conscience of Congress,” died Friday.
President Donald Trump waited over 14 hours and played a round of golf before paying tribute to the late Rep. John Lewis.
Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) also made the same error in a Facebook tribute to Lewis.
The civil rights icon gave us our "marching orders," the former president wrote in a moving tribute to his friend.
"Our hearts feel empty without our friend, but we find comfort knowing that he is free at last."
The congressman said that Trump was not a "legitimate" president — even before he was sworn in.