“Part of the response to massive voter suppression is massive voter registration and massive voter activation,” he said. “That’s
The Georgia congressman is among a group of lawmakers trying to pass legislation to restore the law, but they've struggled
He called on Congress to fix the Voting Rights Act after the Court invalidated the provision requiring Southern states with
Roll Call adds that reaction to Lewis' arrival included lots of praise, as more than 100 folks camped out in anticipation
Lewis said that the Supreme Court "sent us back to the drawing table" and called on Congress to create a new formula to determine
"We made progress, yes, but we're not there yet," Lewis added. "it is still needed today in Alabama and throughout the 11
Michael McAuliff covers Congress and politics for The Huffington Post. Talk to him on Facebook. When the Voting Rights Act
Civil rights hero and longtime congressman John Lewis (D-Ga.) reacted in dismay to the Supreme Court's ruling striking down
Broun, chastised, gave in. "I apologize to my dear friend from Georgia if he's gotten angry with this amendment. It was never