John Lithgow

Things got hairy on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."
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The "Bombshell" star trotted out some new bonkers conspiracy theories to Stephen Colbert on "The Late Show."
“Love this ‘Bombshell’ trailer, oh wait...” Trevor Noah's team captioned the clip.
"I’m not falling into that proof trap," the actor raved on "The Late Show."
The veteran actors star in the new doomsday romance "The Tomorrow Man." Here, they discuss their careers, former collaborators, Goop and more.
The “3rd Rock From The Sun” star previewed his upcoming Trump-themed poetry book on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”
The play is set during the 2008 Democratic presidential race that she lost to Barack Obama.
Netflix’s “The Crown” is back for its second season and whether you’re a fan or never watched an episode, here’s why you need to watch.
Salma Hayek gives a career-best performance in the melancholic comedy.
"The Accountant" is so fresh and so riveting you can overlook the minor plotholes that exist. Ben Affleck stars in this film
Now that 70 years have passed since the end of World War II, it's interesting to look at it from new perspectives. Although I doubt there was any collaboration between the two San Francisco summer festivals that did so, the results were fascinating.
This is the way with awards dinners, the ultimate tributes, a love fest with so many actors supporting their friends: Maggie
To wit, someone asked, the vice president of what company? For me it was an off night at the theater. I don't want my money back. Are you listening Scott Rudin? I'd like a ticket to see it again. Maybe those 25 others would too.
Holding court after a sumptuous brunch honoring Hilary Swank for receiving Montblanc's Creative Impact in Acting award and
As a director, Sachs evokes the masterly Robert Altman, as in an extraordinary sequence that takes us from George and Ben's quietly majestic wedding back to the Manhattan apartment that they share, and where their loved ones gather to marvel at the strength of their bond.
"I am in a different stage right now. Love is Strange reflects that. My characters are comfortable with themselves. The film is a portrait of where I am now."
1. The last time I saw John Lithgow acting he played a serial murderer in Dexter, loved seeing him as one-half of a couple in a nearly 40 year relationship.