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In promoting his new film adaptation of Private Peaceful, a book by War Horse author Michael Morpugo looks back at a way of life that's long gone with only the slightest hint of sentiment.
Hassan's election is part of a larger movement of women gaining more influence in New Hampshire politics, including the state's
"If our revenues are flat, our expenses are going to need to be flat," Norelli said. "That will take Democrats and Republicans
"The attorney general's office is turning the Constitution on its head in order to compel the court to gag the Legislature
On the "Pledge Zombies" website, Cilley says that her commercial is having "fun," but stresses her desire to discuss the
New Hampshire Governor Vetos Medical Marijuana Bill
By Jason McLure For the moment, Lynch's move halts the spread of medical marijuana dispensaries in New England. Nineteen
Gov. John Lynch on Thursday vetoed the Voter ID bill passed by the House and Senate earlier this year. "The right to vote
The steps do not have to be outlined in the event of an abortion to save a woman's life. In the case of an emergency abortion
Tough economic times are rough on all politicians, but even more difficult for governors who have to find ways to balance
While he has empathy for those ill patients who need medical marijuana to get through their recoveries, Gov. John Lynch, D
It was a chaotic afternoon at the Statehouse in Concord Wednesday as the House voted to override Gov. John Lynch's veto of
"I never thought that in 2012 the New Hampshire Legislature would be debating the use of contraceptives. This issue is settled
While Republicans hold majorities in both the House and Senate of the "Live Free Or Die" state, Cohn argued the controversial
State Democratic Chairman Ray Buckley released a statement Wednesday afternoon calling the bill "reckless and irresponsible
"I'm kind of overwhelmed that this thing has taken off like it has," he said. "But I have received hundreds of calls from
"New Hampshire has had a minimum wage law since 1949, and neither our citizens nor our businesses have called for its repeal
University of New Hampshire for WMUR 10/27-31/10; 885 likely voters, 3.3% margin of error Mode: Live telephone interviews
Rasmussen 10/27/10; 750 likely voters, 4% margin of error Mode: Automated phone Rasmussen release New Hampshire 2010 Governor