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John M. Brown lost 130 pounds on the paleo diet, otherwise known as the caveman diet. He joins Ricky and Caitlyn to discuss.
My biggest joy of losing the weight is helping other people. I love talking paleo and I have even started a blog to help
The urgent imperative for the Fed to revert to canons of sound money can be illustrated by its opposite: the utterly shameful and gratuitous bailout of Morgan Stanley two weeks after the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy.
"It shows that she is nothing less than an exceptionally skilled litigator," said Ralph Ferrara, a Washington securities
If you're mad about Wall Street pay, take heart: At least one guy on Wall Street seems to get it. He's not going to give back any of his own pay or anything like that! That would be crazy. But at least somebody out there feels your pain.
What is destined to become the most popular video on HuffPost over the next few days is of a purported UFO approaching the Olympic Stadium in London as fireworks are going off during opening ceremonies.
Gorman will remain CEO and add the post of chairman on January 1, a move that was expected. Gorman was named CEO in 2010
Morgan Stanley laid off about 300 financial advisers in the first quarter of 2011. Its wealth management area burgeoned in
President Obama's $35,800-a-plate fund-raising dinner was the talk of Wall Street last week. Read more on The New York Times
An HBO movie about the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression has drawn an all-star cast, the Hollywood Reporter
The story of Bradley's record-breaking five mayoral terms and central role in L.A.'s transformation to world-class status is far more than an overdue bit of historical housekeeping.
Wall Street has long forgotten how to spell "ethical" or "good," and replaced it with "compliant" and "legal." The time has come to explain to investment banks what their responsibility and accountability are.
We took some of the best picks from the web and combined them with our own to come up with what we think is the the definitive
In an interview with John Mack at NYU's Stern School last night, Patricia Sellers writes, "...Mack truly flustered the former
It has been shocking and bewildering to watch the behavior of some of the top banking CEOs in recent months, punctuated by the appearance of four of these executives before Congress last month.
Morgan Stanley Chairman John Mack said investment bankers are overpaid and Wall Street compensation won't decrease much because
But the bankers' testimony showed a stunning failure, even now, to grasp the nature and extent of the current crisis. And
One sure measure of a successful Washington hearing is the presence of tension, lots of it. Key witnesses are put on the
Ferdinand Pecora turned a tame United States investigation of the 1929 Crash into an expose that spawned far-reaching banking
JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon wouldn't answer. Morgan Stanley chairman John Mack , despite foregoing his own bonus, cryptically