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When Varney told Mackey he sounded like a libertarian, Mackey responded, “I’ve been accused of that more than once.” He continued
This week, Lance Armstrong finally came clean, telling Oprah: "I'm here to say 'sorry.'" Whole Foods CEO John Mackey offered regrets for comparing Obamacare to "fascism." And former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford announced a bid for Congress, saying: "We all hope for redemption." But before there is redemption, there must be contrition -- something sorely missing from the prosecutors of Aaron Swartz who, just days after Swartz's suicide, defended their actions as "appropriate." Also contrition-free: the NRA, whose inaccurate ad featuring the president's daughters was blasted as "reprehensible" by Gov. Chris Christie, among many others. And there was no contrition from House Republicans, who softened their stance on the debt ceiling while reserving the right to hold the economy hostage. Perhaps we do a hostage swap with them -- we get the economy back, they get Manti Te'o's girlfriend.
WATCH: Whole Foods CEO John Mackey on HuffPost Live Anyway, Mackey's not sweating it. During an appearance on MSNBC Friday
Mackey on Thursday apologized on HuffPost Live for calling Obamacare "fascist" earlier this week and said he regretted his
Josh talks with Whole Foods CEO John Mackey about his book and his views on the Affordable Care Act.
Other CEOs have criticized Obamacare for intervening in the health care market. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz told the Seattle