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Partner A coequal. A surrogate who operates as a peer, typically receiving reciprocal support in pursuit of a common purpose
The Huffington Post has reached out to ABC News for further comment and will update this post if and when a response is received
Detectives working for a unit known as the Citywide Debriefing Team conducted 220 such interviews in the first quarter of
Bear in mind that had Snowden not done what he had -- and if Greenwald and Poitras hadn't done what they did -- we would not have learned of what's being done by the NSA in our name. If we had waited on the big media to tell the story, we would all still be waiting.
An article in a terror magazine that is said to have inspired the Boston Marathon bombings has the attention of the New York Police Department once again.
The 12th issue of Inspire also features a photo of Times Square inside its pages, which has NYPD officials on high-alert
Some on Twitter took issue with that assertion: "Indeed," Rose said. Former CBS News reporter John Miller returned to the
How CBS News correspondent John Miller returned to the NYPD.
John Miller, a former CBS News senior correspondent, was tapped by Police Commissioner Bill Bratton on Thursday to head the
In a web-only video, producer Ira Rosen said that the NSA had "allowed" itself to be perceived as a "villain." That 60 Minutes
While it would be out of the ordinary for most TV correspondents to jump to the NYPD, Miller’s had a unique career trajectory
"I believe it makes common sense to concentrate on reading and math, and give a good basic foundation in those two core subjects
Sale of National Beef looks a lot like a Bain Capital maneuver. John Miller, National Beef's former CEO, now consultant and
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Weidenfeld & Nicolson has acquired world rights to Judi Dench's life story, entitled And Furthermore, directly from the author