John Miller

So he thought about it. Donald Trump almost commented on Bill Clinton's infidelities in his first debate against Hillary Clinton, but said he refrained from doing so because Chelsea was in the audience.
Partner A coequal. A surrogate who operates as a peer, typically receiving reciprocal support in pursuit of a common purpose
Former ABC News correspondent John Miller is expected to give testimony in an upcoming terrorism trial regarding an interview
In one example, Bayjan Abrahimi, a food cart vendor from Afghanistan arrested in 2009 in a parking ticket dispute, said detectives
Bear in mind that had Snowden not done what he had -- and if Greenwald and Poitras hadn't done what they did -- we would not have learned of what's being done by the NSA in our name. If we had waited on the big media to tell the story, we would all still be waiting.
An article in a terror magazine that is said to have inspired the Boston Marathon bombings has the attention of the New York Police Department once again.
"They are all yearning to fulfill their duty of Jihad...," the editorial continues. "The American government was unable to
Rose also admitted that he had "loved" having Miller on CBS News, and asked him if he felt more like a journalist or a law
How CBS News correspondent John Miller returned to the NYPD.