John Moody

The network's executive editor laments U.S. Olympics' highlighting of its diverse group of athletes.
The beating left the boy with a broken arm and two black eyes. The three 15-year-olds suspected in the attack have been arrested
Murdoch has tapped John Moody, who had been Fox News' Executive Vice President of News Editorial, to oversee the new unit
In today's Howard Kurtz column, which teases Fox News' acquisition of Miss Run Amok (aka Judith Miller), Fox's Senior VP
8-10-06: From the Dept. of Stonewalling (Judy Miller Division) 8-7-05: The Expanding Judy File 1-30-07: From the Dep't of
In reaction to Senator Obama's comments in the forthcoming NYT Magazine story, John Moody, Executive Vice President, News
What is the #1 goal at Fox News HQ? Keep people scared.