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If the app is successful, it’s only because it learned from the thousands of identifications that iNaturalist’s bustling community have contributed.
The new administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, addressed the agency’s employees for the first
Yosemite National Park has been touted by many to be among the most beautiful places in the world. In the world. That is a very tall measure!
Muir's career took a dramatic turn in 1889, when Robert Underwood Johnson arrived in California. Johnson was the crusading
This unacceptable outcome makes me even more concerned about the future of our priceless National Park System now that a
John Muir has his fair share of things named after him (including what must be the world's most-visited grove of trees), but I bet the commemorations he'd appreciate most are the two long-distance trails that bear his name.
The Sierra Club has an amazing record when it comes to major lands protections like wilderness areas, national parks, and national monuments. What my day at the creek reminded me of, though, is the importance of nearby nature to any community.
We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these Daily Meditations, prayers and mindful awareness
Until I found this letter from Roosevelt to Hill: Over the campfires each night, in the shadow of Sequoias, in the snow up
Flowery stuff. But today we know that Muir was exactly right. Humans did not evolve to thrive in enclosed spaces or to flourish
Det finns alltså alternativ till ett kalkbrott, men det finns inga alternativ till den världsunika Ojnareskogen. Om vi förlorar
Although the conference is closed to the public, a send off ceremony open to the public will commence Thursday morning 9
In its obituary of Muir, dubbed the "apostle of the wild," the Times wrote that America had lost “perhaps its greatest naturalist
On Saturday mornings, I would explore the canyons above the university. I spent hours walking and running along the fire roads in the hills. I knew where to find hound's tongue and forget-me-not flowers, an old abandoned plum orchard and the deer trail shortcut to the bench looking out over the arboretum.
It's premature to depart from John Muir before we have more fully visited with him. We take it for granted that he saved places like Yosemite just because they were beautiful. There's more to it.
With ghost nets, the carnage is repeated over and over again -- sinking when heavy with dead marine life, but once it has decomposed, the nets float back up to the surface, and the grisly process is repeated.