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The Academy Award-winning director talked to HuffPost about 'Let It Fall.'
John Ridley's new mini-series "Guerilla" is centered around a radical political group.
"We felt like what we were doing was strong and that we were going to go into something and have maybe a bit of a predisposition
John Ridley and Idris Elba are teaming for a political activism drama at Showtime.
American Crime looks at the dynamics that result when rigid stereotypes about sexual violence collide with rigid stereotypes about masculinity. For example, Taylor is initially reluctant to characterize what happened to him as rape because, unlike women and girls, he has not been socially primed to think of himself as a potential victim.
"I don't want to take the spotlight from people who are out there fighting."
Who'd have thought that words such as "hot" or "trending" would refer to Harriet Tubman? Yet, there they are. Hers may be the face that boots Hamilton from the ten dollar bill, and her words graced Viola Davis' historic Emmy speech.
John Ridley is directing an untitled film about the 1992 Los Angeles riots from his own script, with Broad Green Pictures
It's the end of an era. Or, rather, the echoes of an era's end. Live regular performances of Thrilling Adventure Hour came to a close months ago, but the podcasted segments of it kept on. Until now.
Acceptance and forgiveness cannot happen without being self-reflective. American Crime, in many ways, holds up a mirror to us all, causing internal and hopefully external awareness to occur around the ways we care for each other.