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"So those were clearly abuses," he continued. The Senate Intelligence Committee’s 6,700-page report, which criticized the
CNN interview on day after the Senate intelligence committee's torture report was released.
Charging that the administration has launched "an assault on freedom of the press," a new petition tells Obama and Holder: "We urge you in the strongest terms to halt all legal action against Mr. Risen and to safeguard the freedom of journalists to maintain the confidentiality of their sources."
Former CIA General Counsel John Rizzo joined HuffPost Live to discuss serving in the CIA following the agency's interrogation
In his new book, Company Man, former top CIA lawyer John Rizzo defends the CIA's use of torture and details his role in approving it.
In the weeks surrounding the raid on bin Laden, the government, the intelligence community, the media, and the public displayed a wide variance of views on waterboarding. The intelligence community in particular seems marked by inconsistency and outright contradiction.
(Editing by Chris Allbritton and Yoko Nishikawa) While Pakistan publicly opposes the strikes, it has privately allowed them
No matter how much former Vice President Dick Cheney insists that torturing prisoners in secret CIA prisons worked (and Spencer
The White House on Tuesday withdrew the nomination of John A. Rizzo to become the Central Intelligence Agency's top lawyer