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"I should not have said what I said," the conservative network anchor admitted after the crass jibe about the 2024 GOP presidential candidate.
Chief Justice John Roberts has acknowledged the court needs to do more to show it takes ethics seriously.
The chief justice said the nation's highest bench can do more to “adhere to the highest standards” of ethical conduct.
"Mom’s rent, family tuition, vacations and gifts — and secret? Any other government employee would be fired," one Democratic senator said.
Democrats are scheduled to hold a hearing into the court's ethics woes on Tuesday morning.
The letter comes after the chief justice refused to appear to testify as Justices Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch come under fire for disclosure lapses.
“I must respectfully decline your invitation,” he wrote to Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Dick Durbin.
The Senate Judiciary Committee chair has asked Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts to testify about Thomas' undisclosed ties to a GOP billionaire.
Republicans are urging Roberts not to accept the Democrats' invitation, arguing that the Supreme Court is able to police itself.
The Biden administration requested the high court end the pandemic-era Title 42 only after Christmas, after justices ruled to temporarily keep it in place.