John Scalzi

Jeff VanderMeer, Lidia Yuknavitch and others discuss solutions to the urgent problem.
While the documentary shows Kramer in robust health and, later in life, as a frail senior citizen, it teaches viewers what can happen when one fiercely intelligent man (who is not willing to take "no" for an answer) speaks truth to power.
Movie adaptations, for book lovers at least, simultaneously bring feelings of excitement and fear. Will the movie stay true to the book? Will it project off of the screen as it did when the words entered the mind?
One of the advantages of fiction, however, is that it can leap ahead of the complicated, messy, process of technological innovation and speculate about the cultural consequences of change. That's very much the case with Lock In.
But Scalzi is getting even, by pledging $5 to civil rights and LGBT charities every time the man he dubbed "the Racist Sexist
In any case, don't let this video make you feel old. As Scalzi so eloquently put it on his Twitter feed: In a phone call
[R]ather than focus on what should happen to Amazon or Macmillan, here's an idea, and here's my point: let's us focus on