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Because no more important backup position exists in the NFL than at quarterback.
The Seahawks want Wilson to play out the final year of his contract for $1.5 million and then renegotiate next summer. Wilson
“'The Dukes of Hazzard' was and is no more a show seated in racism than 'Breaking Bad' was a show seated in reality,” he
The actor was previously married to former Miss America Tawny Little. The pair have three adult children -- Leah, Chasen
What better way to celebrate your franchise's first ever Super Bowl victory than going shirtless while wearing a WWE Championship
Seattle didn't win the Super Bowl just because Pete Carroll is a fun guy. If you want to know how the Seahawks became the NFL's best, you have to look at how their management went back to school.
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The Seattle Seahawks dominated Denver 43-8 to capture the first Super Bowl title in franchise history. The reason why was because they did it their own way.
Earl Thomas, Seattle Seahawks Executive of the Year John Schneider, Seattle Seahawks The league's best-kept front office
"The people behind them are pro life, but I don't know if the movies are," Schneider told THR in a new interview. In addition
The original movie has the now 44-year old actor playing Nicky Ferelli, a guy who runs from his mob family -- where he's
I've had the great privilege of working with Robert in my upcoming movie Doonby to be released later this year and when you
Stay tuned -- I'll be blogging and maybe even vlogging from the set of my next film, Doonby.
Dooby centers around a mysterious character named Sam Doonby, played by John Schneider, who shows up in a Texas town, Smithville, which is every bit as beautiful as when Hope Floats was shot here.
Numerous celebrities, including Alicia Silverstone, Debra Skelton, Ed Begley Jr., and Jerry Cesak were there helping save our animal friends from cruelty and neglect.