John Scott

One unforeseen major injury could potentially cost well over half of someone’s annual income.
Linda Cohn proved quite a while ago that some girls just wanna talk sports. She's the first ESPN anchor of any gender to reach the 5,000 mark -- and at 56, she says she hasn't thought about heading to the bench any time soon.
We found ourselves this week talking about two very different guys, both born in Canada, who skated to triumph thanks to their fans. Ted Cruz is no team player. He's out for no one but himself. And he has a history of switching teams until they fulfill his ambitions.
New York Islanders rookie Justin Johnson took on the much taller Sabres winger John Scott at First Niagara Center on Sunday
The LA Sheriff's Department has become a national example of law enforcement gone wrong. Scott and his successor can change that sorry example and make it a department that demonstrates real reform is possible, if only they seize this rare opportunity.
“[It was] just reaction on a play like that. You don’t want to see guys get hit like that,” McQuaid said about his encounter
Buffalo Sabres enforcer John Scott sparked a line brawl during the third period of a preseason game against the Toronto Maple
Anyone who tuned in to watch the Maple Leafs and Penguins on Wednesday wasn't treated to quite as much skill as they might
During Saturday's Chicago Blackhawk-Los Angeles Kings game, Kings right wing Kevin Westgarth and Blackhawks defenseman John