John Sununu

A bevy of Republican candidates get shut out of national primetime by Fox, but not Trump.

They're catnip for commentators -- two dynasts announcing within two days. Except the differences far exceed the parallels -- one's a yellow-pad wonk related to a popular ex-POTUS who leads with 60 percent in Democratic polls. The other is a "Jar of Mayo" with 100 percent recognition yet only 10 percent in GOP polls. Lowry and Katrina debate why.

As Majority Leader McConnell wields greater power than he has ever held in his life, some hack pundits predict that such awesome power will have a moderating influence on him. Don't count on it. People who strive for power the way McConnell has done throughout his career cannot be trusted to "moderate" themselves.
"That was very hard for the president. It fell to the president's son, George W., to help make that decision, help move that
“It was really no more than that,” Sununu continued. “They called and asked if he could stop by and of course I’m willing
Read more from Yahoo's Chris Moody on Brown here. Yahoo reports: Former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu (R) is stumping for
Sununu, whose father was governor from 1983 to 1989, was considered a leading candidate to challenge Gov. Maggie Hassan (D
From a political perspective, the current approach of the Republican Party borders on suicidal. But it is more than that: It is also wrong on the merits. As Reagan showed us, America has always been about openness, about welcoming citizens from around the world.
The oil and gas industry is what it is today thanks in large part to decades of federal support, and America's new and "bright" shale gas-rich future is no exception.