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If I used the words "honest" and "business" in the same sentence, would you burst into uncontrolled laughter? Uncontrolled
I again requested a formal interview with Paul Wason, the life science (formerly science and religion) director at Templeton
Lucas Mix: Well, there are certain areas in the Primer that were not as full as they could have been. And one of the benefits
Redmayne as Hawking. Cumberbatch as Turing. If the timing were right, Christopher Lee would have been superb in the big-screen story of British-born theoretical physicist Geoffrey West. (I've interviewed both.)
By Chris Herlinger Religion News Service (RNS) A British theoretical astrophysicist who has achieved renown for his study
But that's just the start, Smith says. The new studies will reveal what psychologically and environmentally inspires people
How should we construe the right to pursue happiness? The problem is that the words "happy" and "happiness" are used today in variety of interrelated but distinct senses.
On Friday, Slate Magazine posted a list of the 60 largest charitable contributions of 2009, and profiled the people who gave
What riles me is the business of peddling movies on DVD after scrubbing them squeaky clean, or as we used to say in pre-digital antiquity, censoring them.
The John Templeton Foundation has long averred that there are more than two sides to the conversation on religion and science.