john the baptist

“I used to be normal.” John (not his real name) pushed his words out two or three at a time, as if someone were turning an
What is the point of understanding the process of Jesus taking into himself the Christ you may ask? Isn't it simpler and easier just to worship the one being and be done with it? In fact why even differentiate between God, the Father, Christ, and the Holy Spirit?
John is like that eccentric uncle who says and does things that keep us hiding our face in shame. He dresses in camel hair. Camel hair? Who in their right mind ever dresses in camel hair? And consider his favorite snacks: Wild honey and locusts. Locusts? Yes, locusts. They were eaten by the very poor who lived in the desert.
On Sunday, July 12, thousands of churches will be hearing the gospel lectionary reading from the Gospel of Mark, 6:14-29. This is the story of King Herod killing John the Baptist because the king promised to grant the wish of a daughter who wanted to silence the prophet.
In the second episode of Finding Jesus, the focus is on John the Baptist. That being the case, this episode might be termed: Finding John the Baptist (okay, and Jesus too). And, within the quest for Jesus, learning all one can about John the Baptist is a fine place to begin.
“Test everything; retain what is good,” St. Paul wrote to a community of early Christians. It pays to do the same with the
I think we need to accept the fact that we are going to have disagreements, just as the people of Jerusalem did. So, how does Jesus guide us through these church fights? How does he want us to approach the tough issues of marriage and peace in the Middle East?
Part of our national consciousness is an embedded sense of presidential evolution that unconsciously infers that the next commander-in-chief must be more worthy, more righteous, more patriotic and more American. But the fact of the matter is that we get sons, fully incarnate with strengths and weaknesses.
Yes, we hear a lot about two Johns every time December rolls around: Strange and hairy, screaming as loud as they can that we've really messed up the world, and we all better get our act straight before it's too late.
There I was, making our end-of-year donations to charities and development organizations, when I heard the voice of John the Baptist, sardonic and insistent: "You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?"