John Warner

John Warner, who served in the Senate for 30 years, warned former GOP colleagues of possible lasting damage if they block testimony.
The old saying goes "What's in a name?" Actually, names can be very important in the political arena and have changed the course of American political history.
John Warner, who is of no relation to Mark Warner, retired in 2009 after serving 30 years in the Senate. Mark Warner was
Staff writers Michael Martz, Markus Schmidt and Jim Nolan contributed "Today each person has to make up their own mind. I'm
As President Bush and the First Lady descended the stairs of the plane, I was amazed at how thin they were in person. Of course, at this stage in my pregnancy, everybody looked extremely thin.
What do you call 10,000 writers on the shores of Lake Michigan? The start. The start of a three-day conversation that happens every spring when the Association of Writers and Writing Programs convenes its national conference.
Protecting our nation from climate change and putting Americans to work in the clean energy sector are not elite, partisan issues. They are the building blocks of the 21st century.
John Warner is now set to make his literary debut with The Funny Man, a tragicomic novel about a pedestrian comedian who rockets to unhappy success by performing with his fist in his mouth.
Senator Warner proved to be a tremendous messenger on the need for America to reestablish her leadership on climate change. We are lucky to have him on our side.
This week, the defenders of dirty energy really, really outdid themselves in their efforts to try and derail the clean energy jobs plan currently starting to wend its way through the House of Representatives.