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This week I talked with celebrities, filmmakers and activists at the 19th annual Provincetown International Film Festival
Tom Atwood captured some of the queer community's biggest names at home.
Ever the iconoclast, photographer Cindy Sherman has been upending perceptions about beauty, media, and societal stereotypes for 40 years.
If motel manager Hank (Keanu Reeves) can't break into the room of a 16-year-old, an unlocked room of a 13-year-old will do
Tab was selected as the Launch Weekend's first-ever host in recognition of his status as a classic Hollywood film star and his local ties through his long-time collaborator and friend director John Waters who will also be attending.
Marc Hershon is the host and executive producer of Succotash, The Comedy Podcast Podcast, featuring clips from comedy podcasts
Hunter played opposite legends like Tallulah Bankhead, John Wayne, Sophia Loren, Natalie Wood, Gary Cooper, Rita Hayworth, Geraldine Page and Fred Astaire. He appeared on Broadway and on live TV. And if that wasn't enough, his hit single "Young Love" exploded on the Billboard charts.
As a patron of Los Angeles' most unique underground theatre, The Cavern Club, I have become a fan of actor/performance artist John Cantwell's annual Love Connie extravaganzas, but until last weekend I had yet to experience The Nellie Olesons, the veteran sketch comedy trio that gave rise to Connie.
Talking with John Waters: Endlessly funny, erudite, charming and so well-read -- just try to keep up (he reads two books a week).
If we're not fighting oppression, is there anything that we have in common anymore? Well, yeah, there is one thing -- one common thing that we all want. Each other. Whether it's friendship, or brotherhood, falling in love or falling into bed, we'll always seek each other out.
In the first installment of my exclusive two-part audio montage series, I talked with gay and straight filmmakers at the 17th annual Provincetown International Film Festival.
To me, New Orleans has always been a town that lived outside of the laws of regular society, and I believe New Orleans has always been that way. It doesn't really participate in America. It has its own rules, its own cultures, its own conditions, and it really doesn't care what you think.
“I was on the cover of some magazine called Gay News or Gay Times -- I don’t remember what it was -- in 1972, but not because
"I like beatnik gay people," he quipped. Later on, he poked fun at his age, noting, "What other number is a sex act?" Legendary
The 69-year-old says he wanted to surprise not only the readers of his aptly-titled book, "Carsick," but also himself. "I
John Waters talks about why he’s embarrassed to share an age with a sex position he’s not a fan of.