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DNA technology and computing power may have pushed missing persons cold cases to a tipping point.
It took more than 40 years, but New Jersey police are finally able to partially explain what happened to a teenaged orphan
The Chicago Reader's Michael Miner posted a story on April 17 that provided a nice roundup of some of the issues in the still-unfolding case of serial killer John Wayne Gacy.
"We were pursuing a lead at Mary Hill Cemetery at Dempster and Milwaukee Avenue when we received a call on the radio to proceed
If we choose as a society to ignore corruption, we inevitably leave ourselves open to falling into these same scenarios, over and over again.
The announcement by Chicago's Cook County Sheriff's Office with the go-ahead for a search at an apartment building on the city's northwest side should be welcome by families of the missing who have spent 35 years or more searching for their sons.
Earlier this year, Dart called for the bodies of eight unidentified young men found under Gacy's home to be exhumed with
Dati told ABC that guilt and shame kept him from reporting the crime for years--and he wasn't the only one. Read more about