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NBC News is under fire for airing an interview with convicted Penn State child rapist Jerry Sandusky that was conducted by a controversial conservative filmmaker. Joining to discuss is HuffPost Media Editor Jack Mirkinson, Dr. Howard Fradkin and Christopher M. Anderson.
Ziegler's main focus is what he describes as the railroading of Paterno, the late Penn State coach who was accused by the
The notions that Palin has any business speaking at the convention or that her not being invited to do so will have any negative impact on Mitt Romney's presidential campaign are hilariously, and perhaps purposefully, misguided.
This new playoff plan still has more than a few important kinks to be worked out. From here, it feels more like an engagement than an actual wedding. It will probably come to full fruition, but there is a good chance at least someone is going to regret it.
The reason why "plus one" solves the political problems of the currently favored playoff proposals is that it is the only plan which addresses the Rose Bowl dilemma.
An electoral college tie is hardly far-fetched. It may even be likely. If this scenario were to transpire, it would mean that the newly-elected House of Representatives would chose the president.
Either Palin repudiates any notion that she may still be a candidate in any form or she gets suspended at least until after there is a nominee. Otherwise, Fox News will effectively become something even worse than what the left already thinks it is.
Parker defended her September 26, 2008 column in which she wrote that Palin was not ready for the Vice Presidency. After
In 1964, media analyst Marshall McLuhan suggested that a given medium was more important than its message. In 2009, I sat
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