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The state may have a tougher case: “It looks more like they are trying to browbeat Johnson & Johnson into settling.”
Asbestos can show up elsewhere, too, and is costing Johnson & Johnson billions in legal fees.
The subpoenas are related to litigation involving alleged asbestos contamination in Johnson & Johnson's Baby Powder product line.
The verdict is the largest J&J has faced to date over allegations that its talc-based products cause cancer.
“We believe these companies have played an important role in this epidemic."
The company still faces other similar lawsuits over its talc-based products.
The company faces almost 5,000 lawsuits claiming its talc-based products are harmful.
A new survey in the report shows that while 76 percent of workers believe something like resilience training would help, only
Almost three weeks after the hurricane, just 16 percent of electricity service has been restored to the island.
E-cigarettes are still addictive, but they're not as harmful as tobacco cigarettes.
Plaintiff Eva Echeverria, 63, told a Los Angeles court she developed incurable ovarian cancer after decades of Johnson’s Baby Powder use.
"The Achilles heel for us is drug resistance because the virus is incredibly quick to mutate."
There's an urgent need for ethical and innovative action to prescribe the drug under controlled conditions, experts say.
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Johnson first contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to Jeb Bush, then backed Trump.
U.S. District Judge Ed Kinkeade cited “constitutional considerations” that limit how much plaintiffs may recover in punitive damages.
While the risk is low, someone could break into the pump to overdose someone on insulin.