Joining Forces

Lastly, know that your donations to and purchases from local Goodwill organizations go toward supporting our continuing efforts
April is the Month of the Military Child. Let's involve our university schools of education and affiliated disciplines to make our whole nation aware of the needs of military- and veteran-connected students in public schools.
The first lady is becoming a prime-time regular.
WASHINGTON, DC (Herald de Paris) -- Graceful, lean and fit as a racehorse with a strong handshake that puts many men to shame
Each year, April is celebrated as the Month of the Military Child. Please do your part to ensure all our military children receive appropriate health care by spreading the word about these changes. Our military families are worth it.
Happy holidays, and God bless our troops and their families. Like millions of Americans all across the country, we decorate
Giving military members more green lights, fewer stop signs.
Everyone who has committed time, talent, money and effort to finding solutions to veteran unemployment should take pride that we're making progress as a nation. But, it is important to remember that we still have a lot of work ahead of us.