Joining Forces

Lastly, know that your donations to and purchases from local Goodwill organizations go toward supporting our continuing efforts
April is the Month of the Military Child. Let's involve our university schools of education and affiliated disciplines to make our whole nation aware of the needs of military- and veteran-connected students in public schools.
The first lady is becoming a prime-time regular.
WASHINGTON, DC (Herald de Paris) -- Graceful, lean and fit as a racehorse with a strong handshake that puts many men to shame
Each year, April is celebrated as the Month of the Military Child. Please do your part to ensure all our military children receive appropriate health care by spreading the word about these changes. Our military families are worth it.
Happy holidays, and God bless our troops and their families. Like millions of Americans all across the country, we decorate
Giving military members more green lights, fewer stop signs.
Everyone who has committed time, talent, money and effort to finding solutions to veteran unemployment should take pride that we're making progress as a nation. But, it is important to remember that we still have a lot of work ahead of us.
As a military mom, I believe it's our sacred duty to honor the service of those who have sacrificed for our country. We owe thanks today and every day to those who wear the uniform. That is one of the reasons why First Lady Michelle Obama and I started Joining Forces in the first place.
Chris' widow, Taya Kyle, joined us shortly after his death to share her personal remembrances of a husband, father, son and friend to so many. Here's the link to our interview with Taya Kyle.
Anny was still a teenager when she joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 2002. Eager to serve her country and see the world, Anny
Throughout our history, members of our military have put their lives on the line to defend our country and preserve our security. As a proud military mom myself, I know that when you have a family member who is in the military, the whole family serves too.
Sonia Whipp, a veteran who enlisted right out of high school and deployed three times to Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq, is
"When Our Troops Serve, Their Families are Serving, Too." So says the slogan of Joining Forces, First Lady Michelle Obama's national initiative to bring attention to the needs of military families. But what happens if a family member is undocumented? Does this mean that they are serving their country any less?
We should never forget that the freedoms we sometimes take for granted in our nation were paid for in lives. I recently met a veteran who embodies this spirit and more.
It's clear that ending veteran homelessness is possible with ideas and outlooks like this and the hope is that mayors all over the country will take heed and join in some good old fashioned mayoral competition lest they would be outrun by their neighbors.
Wounds, illnesses and injuries require ongoing care for many military service members and veterans. This type of care is given not only by professionals or in institutions, but right at home by millions of family members -- caregivers who are our hidden heroes.
Because of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' Caregiver Rule, Brett's employer kept his job open so Brett had the time to care for his brother. Now Brett's back at his job in Chicago, and Kyle is doing great. Like the brothers' situation illustrates, these support systems can have a significant impact on the day-to-day hardships caregivers face.