joint fundraising committee

We are halfway through the 2016 national elections and the onslaught of political money from billionaires and multimillionaires will continue and increase. This is not the way our democracy is meant to work or the way our country is meant to be governed.
Individual donors are already giving more than $300,000 to special Clinton committee.
“We’re watching the destruction of the contribution limits, whose principal purpose was to prevent corruption.”
Prior to the court's ruling, Fred Wertheimer, campaign finance reform advocate and head of Democracy 21, warned that the
The court's 5-4 ruling came on April 2, and by the end of that month, at least 41 donors had plowed past the old aggregate
WASHINGTON -- Every year, the Republican Party launches a fundraising committee linking a handful of its most important Senate
WASHINGTON -- The Republican Party has launched a "super committee" to accept the super-sized donations from wealthy donors
The Supreme Court's ruling in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission has opened the door for wealthy donors to spend even more on political campaigns. It will also require interested citizens to learn some new terminology.
The prospect of super-sized joint fundraising committees also raises the possibility that political parties could circumvent
In fact, state party committees in the past have transferred such funds to other state party committees with the intent of
While joint fundraising committees have existed since the Federal Election Commission approved their use in a series of rulings
A review of campaign finance records by The Huffington Post identified 49 individuals who donated more than $150,000 in the