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The Pentagon announced over the weekend that four Guantanamo detainees had been transferred to Afghanistan, bringing the
The FBI's investigation was described in a classified submission also filed on Monday, but disclosed only to Judge James
The tougher media restrictions come at a time when there would seem to be an interest on the part of the Obama administration
A military spokesman said after the publication of KSM's letter that the document "arguably had a legal character," but nevertheless
President Barack Obama renewed his commitment to close Guantanamo detention facilities during his State of the Union speech
WASHINGTON -- More than five years after he signed an executive order to close the military detention center in Guantanamo
Yet for advocates of Guantanamo's closure, the news that Congress may potentially agree on legislation scaling back the restrictions
The Miami Herald reported that the decision to stop releasing hunger strike numbers was made by Marine Gen. John Kelly, the
Future Of Guantanamo Bay, Prisoners Unclear
"I think that what we have seen over these past four years, not to be egocentric about this, but that I was right," Holder