Joint Terrorism Task Force

Agents relied on Oregon's "red flag" law to take proactive measures to head off potential violence, The Oregonian reports.
Hoboken's City Hall is stepping up security after a breach at Mayor Ravi Bhalla's office.
Fewer resources are devoted to combating rising violence from white supremacists and far-right domestic terrorism.
As the French say, "plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose;" the more things change, the more they stay the same. Many of the startling revelations that we've seen with the San Bernardino terror shootings were experienced before in this country beginning more than a quarter century ago.
A man described as white, balding and approximately 40 years old has been named by the FBI as a person of interest in the
Streets adjacent to the office building, about four blocks north of the White House, were closed for much of Friday night
Streets adjacent to the office building were closed but were reopened by midnight. This post has been updated to reflect
Defense attorney Elizabeth Fink last week underscored an ugly truth about the NYPD's three key terrorism cases. In each case, terrorism suspects have turned out to be mentally unstable young men.
Now that the AP investigation of the NYPD's widespread spying on the city's Muslims has apparently run its course, what's been the result? Much of the city's establishment have derided the AP series as "smearing" the NYPD.