JoJo Siwa

The actor, singer and YouTube icon said she had "the most fun ever" after she and Jenna Johnson earned the highest score of the night.
The dancer, singer and actor says the network won't allow her to perform her latest music in an upcoming tour.
The upcoming 30th season of the show will also feature one of the Spice Girls, a former "Bachelor" and actors Melora Hardin and Brian Austin Green.
The YouTube icon hopes to give LGBTQ people "a sense of happiness" when she's paired with a female dancer on the ABC competition series this fall.
"Of course people are going to say it’s not normal, but nothing is normal," said the YouTube superstar.
The costumed celebrity competition has been whittled down to the Super Nine.
The FDA has recalled makeup from the teen chain Claire's as well as from Beauty Plus.
The singer picked a fight over the YouTube star's rainbow-colored car.