Jomo Kenyatta

Around 50 people have been killed, mostly by security forces, since the original Aug. 8 vote.
“The over 1 million squatters who got title deeds for a patch of land for the 1st time in their lives...they have plenty
One would be hard-pressed to argue that women took "their rightful place" in developing Kenya given Gov. Kidero's assault
Also overlooked by the so-called "good man" who is unfortunately surrounded by "bad people" is that it took him a lifetime
Given the rhetoric (of denial) by folks such as Sophie Wanuna who incredibly proclaim that none of the anti-IEBC protestors
The foregoing trend remains true to this day although the ferociousness has abated some thanks to multi-party governance
I will offer that the trajectory of their death and the events thereafter will mirror, in some way or form, those now playing
In his article "Extrajudicial executions have no place in State ruled by law", Daily Nation's Macharia Gaitho groups the
The country's supreme court is at the epicenter of the latest incident of corruption at the highest level of yet another branch of the Kenyan government.
The year 2015 saw a Kenyan government unable to keep its citizenry safe and secure largely because of its inability to maintain a competent, well-armed, well-equipped and professional law enforcement and security apparatus.
At the risk of stating the obvious, there is a strong relationship between peace and stability on the one hand and strong/effective governance on the other.
A self-proclaimed "avid reader" of my blogs recently sent me an email with the following request: "Can you write something 'positive' about Kenya?"
Kenyans, like Americans need to engage in an honest and long-overdue discussion about the impact of historical injustices on all levels of their respective societies -- personal, family, local and national.
While there is nothing wrong with the legal and transparent accumulation of wealth, it is not inconceivable to draw the rather dark conclusion that there are those willing to allow or facilitate death and destruction to amass and protect said wealth
President Obama's trip to Kenya revealed many things that further underscore the Rorschach Test-like impact the man engenders. The trip also revealed the cognitive dissonance that Kenyans have with corruption, tolerance and their relationship with America.
In a piece titled "The best law is the one you can trust your enemy with when he takes over" Godwin Murunga, in a bit of revisionism asserts that only after Mzee Jomo Kenyatta died did Kenyans realize that presidential power was not concentrated in the president - the man - but in the presidency - the institution.
Corruption in Kenya is now so pervasive that the president, who romped to victory by excoriating the hypocrisy of America and Britain finds himself turning to them for help.
Kenya needs now exactly the kind of national unity that Barack Obama is calling for in America.