Jon Belmar

The agency, criticized for its response to Ferguson protests, puts too much emphasis on tactical approach, experts find.
An in-depth study concludes that "inappropriate" law enforcement responses escalated tension in St. Louis County.
More news is coming out of Ferguson, Missouri today after details of an upcoming Department of Justice report were obtained by a local news source.
A confidential summary of the draft findings of the report was recently provided to the law enforcement agencies involved
The shooting came during protests after Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson announced that he would resign. One of the officers
Activists have pressed for more reforms to address what a Justice Department report this week called a "toxic environment
McCulloch, an SLU alum, was invited to be the opening speaker at a discussion at the university called “Thin Blue Line: Policing
"That's unreasonable," Belmar said. "We have somebody pointing a firearm. There's not time." "The officer responded with
In email sent after the tweets, Schellman said, "Even though Mr. Demoff stated he never apologized, the Chief believed it
"The commission in and of itself has fair representation," Baruti said. "It just needs the powers that be to begin to deal
“In August, we were emotional, angry, we were justifiable enraged. Now, we are all of those things, and strategic and thoughtful
Along West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson, which was the center of demonstrations in August, nearly every business other than
WASHINGTON -- Missouri law enforcement officials said Tuesday that they would strive to maintain peace without violating
In a recording released by the department, a pilot can be heard reporting a "laser strike on the aircraft." Protests erupted
“It’s going to be a war because they’re not going to indict him,” one protester told The Huffington Post in October. The
Belmar testified that the five-second rule was only supposed to be applied at night. Yet the rule was enforced during daylight
According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Belmar told the County Police Board Of Commissioners that officers needed to use
It wasn’t clear when the exchange that Belmar referenced took place, but guns were trained on non-violent protesters even