jon cryer

Cryer opened up about working with his “Two and a Half Men” co-star in the early days of the successful Chuck Lorre sitcom.
The actor's award-winning burn scorched the conservative legislator.
The actor wrote he was "over the moon" for Moore, but offered a gentlemanly denial to the claim in her new autobiography "Inside Out."
"People like that he's just willing to say whatever foolishness comes to the top of his head."
The '80s Brat Pack film celebrates its 30th anniversary this month.
My prom was memorable, but not for what happened when I showed up. My memorable moment happened before I even arrived. My advice to kids going to prom today is to take lots of pictures, do something memorable, and pick someone else to drive.
Before Jimmy Fallon had celebrities pretending to sing pop hits on the "Tonight Show" or the girl from "Princess Diaries
I think some people came away from the whole situation assuming that Charlie and our producer Chuck Lorre had been battling