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"People like that he's just willing to say whatever foolishness comes to the top of his head."
The '80s Brat Pack film celebrates its 30th anniversary this month.
My prom was memorable, but not for what happened when I showed up. My memorable moment happened before I even arrived. My advice to kids going to prom today is to take lots of pictures, do something memorable, and pick someone else to drive.
Before Jimmy Fallon had celebrities pretending to sing pop hits on the "Tonight Show" or the girl from "Princess Diaries
Jon Cryer recalls working with a sober Charlie Sheen and describes his hope that Sheen will return to a healthy lifestyle.
As ‘Two and a half men’ heads towards its series finale, Ashton Kutcher wrote the nicest ‘Dear John’ letter to his co-star Jon Cryer.
Today we know them as manly men, men, men, but it didn't start out that way. Though the show seems to have been huge forever
After 12 seasons, numerous cast changes and one epic battle with a rock star from Mars, "Two and a Half Men" is officially
Duckie is officially coming back. Jon Cryer is set to reprise his iconic character from "Pretty in Pink" on the season premiere
Though ratings have been declining in recent years and are reportedly nowhere near the numbers they were when Charlie Sheen
Can education save the one out of every five children in India who die before the age of 5 from infections caused by dirty water? I believe it can, and I believe India's 500 million children are the ones who can and must lead the transformation in hygiene practices that can save these lives and help address the nation's water crisis.
Season 11 of "Two and a Half Men" premiered in September of 2013. Is Charlie Sheen spilling some tiger blood? Apparently
"They basically just paint -- they get a roller type thing -- and just whoosh along the top," Cryer described while demonstrating
Jon Cryer's ex wife claims their 13-year-old son is becoming the object of scorn and ridicule at his exclusive private school
The "Two and a Half Men" cast is very well paid. Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones all made Forbes' list of TV's highest paid actors.