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The movie, starring Will Ferrell as a human elf, still charms because of this approach to the world.
“We did it anyways,” Joe Russo said of the tear-jerking death that closed out the Infinity Saga.
Netflix adds a show about chefs called ... "The Chef Show."
"The Mandalorian" showrunner Jon Favreau's behind-the-scenes snap set Twitter alight in all kinds of beautiful ways.
Yoda is already dead and gone by the time Baby Yoda pops up in "The Mandalorian," explains Favreau.
"The Politician" star revisited forgetting she was in "Homecoming" on "Jimmy Kimmel."
The "Star Wars" creator's sage words also guided Favreau's direction of "The Lion King."
Jon Favreau said the singer not only has a new song on the soundtrack, but her character's story has been beefed up from the 1994 cartoon.
Jon Favreau and Roy Choi whip up drool-worthy dishes, talk life and make mistakes in the kitchen on their Netflix cooking series.
This is despite being the fourth billed star in the film, before Zendaya or Marisa Tomei.