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The Colorado Independent's Corey Hutchins' story about anonymous campaign flyers may later play a role, in a small way, in
Journalists take a lot of hits these days, but we're all glad they're out there asking questions.
But Graham's problem is, can he survive the GOP primary, where anti-choice activists join forces with Tea Partiers and actually
It seems sometimes that reporters see Democratic statements, calling on Republicans to denounce Trump's latest outrageous comment, as a political game. It's politics yes, but legit. Republicans up and down the ballot should be asked why they support Trump--or don't.
If Keyser, who hopes to unseat Democrat Michael Bennet, keeps going after reporters like he's doing, he risks creeping into
Colorado GOP Senate candidate Jon Keyser faces allegations he used forged signatures to get onto the ballot.
Keyser: "It was an interesting week. It wasn't too dramatic for us. We had double- and triple-checked our petition process
Listen to Jon Keyser on the Mandy Connel Show May 2, 2016 Keyser missed the mark in one congressional district because the
In its report on a Denver judge's decision to allow U.S. Senate candidate Jon Keyser on the Republican primary ballot, after