Jon M. Chu

Jon M. Chu released a statement on Twitter addressing Adele Lim's decision to step away from the franchise.
The cast and director made the move as part of the #GoldOpen movement, which aims to ensure opening weekend success for films with casts of color.
The dress will be displayed in the National Museum of American History in Washington.
Jon M. Chu spoke at TED2019 about the emotional moment that proved the power of representation.
He didn't need to forge a pass to get into this year's ceremony.
Constance Wu and Awkwafina were really getting into character.
“It’s been a long process to come to terms with why do I feel that way. Where does this ... sort of shame about who you are come from?”
Jon Chu's take on Kevin Kwan's hit book is a hit with early critics.
Jon M. Chu says he won't let Hollywood "whitewash" this "beautiful story."
[via Variety] The threequel will mark Orci's first time behind the camera. He's had a steady career as a producer and writer
UPDATE: Check out the full poster below. The original post can be found at the bottom. Behind the headlines, beyond the spotlight
"Whomever it is that directs the film will be someone we all know is going to keep the cast and crew in good hands," Abrams
That Chu would return for "G.I. Joe 3" isn't all that surprising; the director expressed interest in a "Joe" return during
G.I. Joe: Retaliation director Jon M. Chu stops by to chat about converting the upcoming film to 3D, working with Channing Tatum and The Rock, and how this film will blow the first out of the water!
Chu has toys on lockdown at the moment. You might remember that he's also the man behind "G.I. Joe: Retaliation," another