Jon Ossoff

McBath, a Democrat, defeated Republican incumbent Karen Handel, who famously beat Ossoff in last year’s special election.
Amid an inquiry into a wiped election server, Georgia's chief election official said there is no evidence to support the suggestion.
They will most likely become national figures in the next few years.
Progressives should be encouraged by recent special election results, not looking for a scapegoat.
It's time for the Democratic leader to step aside.
Democrats are outperforming in special elections -- and that could "gravely imperil the Republican majority."
There were special elections held on Tuesday in South Carolina and Georgia.  The race in South Carolina went to the Republican
I’ve lived in the Georgia Congressional 6th district for a long time and I’ve never seen anything like the Jon Ossoff campaign
Democrat Jon Ossoff lost in a special congressional election in Georgia. It should have meant nothing but instead it meant
It’s reasonable to suspect Rob Quist would have performed better in Montana with further support from the Democratic Party