Jonah Goldberg

It's "absolutely true we haven’t seen the last of Tucker Carlson," said Jonah Goldberg, who quit Fox News in protest of Carlson's rhetoric.
Conservative commentator Jonah Goldberg revealed what “a huge share of the people praising Trump on TV” really think.
ExxonMobil's counteroffensive against allegations it deceived shareholders and the general public about climate change risks has a messaging problem. Company PR flacks just can't get their story straight.
Society is not colorblind. Men like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Dr. Ben Carson, though rising to the very pinnacles of society, must renounce the very safety net which helped propel them to such dizzying heights as the ticket to admission to the monochromatic conservative country club.
Jonah Goldberg's column points out that Obama's mother was white and he was partly raised by white grandparents.
Allowing ourselves to be gaslighted undermines everything from the evaluation of candidates to the functions of a county clerk to the safety of the public. We are at our best when we refuse to be stampeded into defending the privileged or scorning journalistic scrutiny or devaluing civil liberties.
Note that in this column, Goldberg does not declare climate change a hoax. Of course, if he did so, he would, in essence, label his NR colleague Jim Manzi a liar, and he's not about to do that. So if it isn't a hoax, one has to ask: How does he think the GOP should address this issue?