Jonah Peretti

Workers have been negotiating with management for four months, including a meeting where BuzzFeed executives failed to appear.
The mayor is siding with BuzzFeed News staffers after the company's executives bailed on a negotiation meeting.
But under UK law, the unionization effort is effectively a done deal.
Donald Trump's daughter once casually used lewd language of her own, Jonah Peretti recalled.
I reflected on countless situations where I was making up obstacles in my head. It is time to get to doing. He left us with this: "I don't know what the question is. But I know the answer is yes."
From BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti:  Dear BuzzFeeders, I’m very excited to share that NBCUniversal has agreed to invest $200M
He says a union "wouldn’t be very good for employees at BuzzFeed."
We need to create new, interesting, and authentic communications for our audiences. We can't just slap our name on the news of the day and call it a blog; and we can't just slap our twist on someone else's work and expect it to make us stand out.
We spoke with him at the closing of the DMEXCO conference. This video is part of our coverage of DMEXCO.  You can find all