Jonathan Allen

It struck me that if indeed America delivers a battle between its contemporary political aristocracies, the Bushes and the Clintons, that the challenge for Hillary will be to overcome comparisons not with her Republican rival but with her peripatetic global do-gooding husband.
Allen joined Bloomberg last year from Politico to cover the White House and Hillary Clinton's likely presidential campaign
I should have stated my regret sooner and in the plainest, most direct language possible. In our political culture, saying
NOTE: This article has been updated to reflect that Allen is the co-author of "HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary
Last month, HuffPost reported that Allen and The Hill's Amie Parnes, his co-author, received extensive access for their book
When CNN recently canceled a Hillary Clinton documentary, Charles Ferguson, the film’s director, lashed out at the former secretary of state's aides.
Still, the story of the secretary of state years -- even with Benghazi taken into account -- could benefit a possible presidential
This week I talked with 21-year-old singer Jonathan Allen, who touched our hearts singing his way into the semifinals on America's Got Talent. His audition performance has been called the most emotional audition ever in the show's history.
The DIY spirit of the Lower East Side neighborhood almost always provides refreshing contrast against the polish and politeness of Chelsea.
Contestant Jonathan Allen took to the stage of "America's Got Talent" last night to display some seriously operatic pipes