jonathan bennett

The two men made it official in a stunning beach ceremony that included a fireworks display set to the soundtrack of "The Greatest Showman."
The "Mean Girls" actor told The Knot it was "a sucker punch to the gut," but also the moment the couple realized "our wedding was bigger than us."
"The Christmas House" will feature Bennett and Brad Harder as gay dads-to-be. The film is slated for a Nov. 22 release.
Cupcake Wars judge Florian Bellanger started baking because he "really had a bad sweet tooth" and his "mom never baked and wasn't dessert-oriented at all."
Cast members revealed some behind-the-scenes secrets that are so cool, they could probably make fetch happen.
Image: Giphy Image: Giphy There you go, "Mean Girls" fans. If you want it to happen, stop trying to make it happen. If cakes
Ask yourself if you can remember the last time a straight person came up to you to break the news that he or she was heterosexual
This has nothing to do with privacy. I'm so tired of people blabbering on about how we need to respect people's privacy. Sexuality shouldn't be a private matter. It certainly isn't for straight people.