Jonathan Ferrell

My daddy died in January 2013, and one of the last things we talked about was the Chicago police. He was an optimistic man with a fierce passion for social justice, but after a protracted debate with an ultra-idealistic me, he shouted, "Marilyn, don't you know that the police is the biggest gang in the city?"
"Two years later, Jonathan Ferrell is still looking for help."
Unless we require extensive and ongoing racial bias and sensitivity training in all police departments throughout the U.S., we will continue to see more unarmed Jonathan Ferrells shot and killed by police. And we will see jurors siding with the police to acquit them.
The jury deadlocked after four days of deliberations.
2 other responding officers chose not to use their guns against the former Florida A&M athlete.
In the video, you can hear the 12 shots the officer fired at the unarmed man looking for help after an accident.
The community protests that followed have demanded much-needed nationwide soul-searching about who we are and whether those
Many people have asked me how I feel about the Michael Dunn case and the troubling verdict. I am quite vocal about race issues and general human equality so these inquiries come as no surprise.
North Carolina police officer Randall Kerrick was indicted Monday on charges of voluntary manslaughter in the shooting death of 24-year-old Jonathan Ferrell. Kerrick fired 12 shots at Ferrell, striking him 10 times.
An attorney for the Ferrell family told NBC Charlotte they were shocked by the news. Officer Kerrick was charged after shooting
Four months after her fiancé, Jonathan Ferrell, was fatally shot, Cache Heidel hopes his death won't be in vain. During a
There are certain years, concretized within our collective memory, noted for the multiplicity of tragedies encountered over the duration of its days. For African Americans, 2013 possesses all the painful markings of such a year.
The bloodshed that divides us is thicker than the water that unites us. Old Uncle Sam has instilled a bias belief that enables some to judge life under state law and jungle rules.
Is it time to for black leaders to declare black people an endangered species? Right now, homicide is the leading cause of
The experience deepened my faith in the human spirit and the potential goodness of people. Lincoln gave everything so this nation had an opportunity to survive as one nation, under god, indivisible, for liberty and justice for all.
As more and more reports of fatal shootings keep happening, questions surrounding laws like Florida's controversial Stand