Jonathan Gold

Except maybe 19-year-old soccer star Christian Pulisic's Captain America moment.
Gold, the first restaurant critic to win a Pulitzer Prize, died of pancreatic cancer.
There are many ways to critique an art form such as cooking, and like most art forms, the way one sees it differs from one to the other. Opinions are, with no need to repeat a vulgar idiom, commonplace. Everyone has an opinion when it comes to food, even picky four-year-olds.
I could write about other things, and I'm often approached to do so. I don't know whether it's a comfort level that forces
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In summer, a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of sushi, possibly because the heat makes the thought of cooked food all
If you take into account Los Angeles' superb produce, its breathtaking diversity and its imagination, it can be one of the
It's about time! Pulitzer prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold will be the subject of a new documentary about his life
On Sunday, Jonathan Gold held his fifth annual Gold Standard culinary event. This one is an ethnic food paradise, where foodies pay for an afternoon of eating and drinking until you drop... of exhaustion, stomach seizures and such.
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The food aficionado has been bouncing between the two publications for much of the last two decades. "He'll be leaving here
When I lived in New York, I tended to spend about twice as much at Murray's each year as I did at every supermarket combined.
There are big, drippy hamburgers, including an oversized In-N-Out-style creature named for Suzanne Tracht's daughter Ida
It is a warm spring night, with a hint of the Santa Anas in the air, and the least likely place in Los Angeles to experience
It is the unexpected gems which make an event like this such a treat... the discovery of flavorful bombs which blow your mind and stimulate your imagination.
This was LudoBites' first residency in what could be termed an actual restaurant, the former site of Max and the much-missed
If you were to have stumbled into Red Medicine this winter, maybe late after a movie, maybe with a reservation you booked
The close of 2010 is upon us, and as is the tradition here at Eater, we've surveyed a variety of bloggers, writers, and industry