Jonathan Greenblatt

ADL's Jonathan Greenblatt said Trump is "running the most unapologetic white nationalist campaign that we’ve ever seen."
“Choose to pause or even pull your ads," urged the ADL's Jonathan Greenblatt.
President Trump's lawyer said there are "better Jews" than the Holocaust-surviving philanthropist; he earlier said Soros was "hardly a Jew."
“Sentiments being expressed on Fox, both subtle and blunt, contribute to anti-Semitism being normalized in our society,” warned ADL's Jonathan Greenblatt.
Rep. King has shown outright support for white nationalist views over the past several months.
ADL head Jonathan Greenblatt called the attack on Tree of Life Synagogue "the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in the history of the United States.”
And right-wing extremists killed more than twice as many people as Islamic extremists.
The post-Charlottesville climate has left many Jewish organizations feeling on edge.