Jonathan Gruber

Jonathan Gruber, the influential and controversial MIT health economist, is among four people that the Massachusetts governor
To Nicholas Bagley, a University of Michigan law professor who worked on two amicus briefs opposing the lawsuit, that contrast
MIT economist Jonathan Gruber has distinguished himself in recent weeks by his astonishingly candid comments about President Obama's health care legislation, "The Affordable Care Act."
The sound of jingling coins that could be heard as members of Congress skipped off to National and Dulles airports was payment for a job well done.
That's the question a French friend posed last year after the Edward Snowden leaks revealed that the U.S. government was, in fact, violating the law by spying on American citizens. Now we have another outrage that, so far, has failed to stir the American public to demand change.
Gruber attempted to draw a distinction between his role as a policy adviser and his lack of role as a political or legislative
"I want to suggest that regardless of what happened to me personally, that there have been so many glitches in the passage
"The point I believe I was making was about the possibility that the federal government, for whatever reason, might not create
During many weekends in the spring and summer, tens of thousands of fans fill the seats at this racetrack, one of NASCAR's biggest. But over three days in late April or early May every year, the Speedway is transformed into an enormous pop-up health clinic.
Gruber’s consultancy work wasn’t made public until it was reported in early January 2010. Fox News then reported that Gruber