Jonathan Karl

People attending large events of any kind should be aware of the continued threat posed by the coronavirus, the nation’s top infectious disease expert warned.
"That's not true!" ABC's White House correspondent blurted during a coronavirus briefing.
The "Late Show" host put Trump on notice in a blistering monologue: "Grow up and do your damn job."
"I think among the fakest things right now are the president’s attack on fake news," said the White House correspondent.
ABC News' Jonathan Karl demanded the Florida Republican apologize for the unfounded assertion that outraged many in the media.
Mick Mulvaney admits taxpayers would have to cough up the billions of dollars needed to build the president's barrier.
After reportedly vetoing a White House statement on the death of Sen. John McCain, President Trump ignored questions about the late senator’s life and legacy.
The interview was scrapped after the White House claimed a CNN reporter "disrespected" the president by asking a question.
Thusfar, the only scandals arising from the tragedy of the attacks at Benghazi, Libya... have been false reports, selective leaks designed to be misleading, and media manipulations -- all orchestrated by Republicans.
"That is the greatest thing I have ever seen the president's press secretary do," Stewart said. "His entire job -- his only