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Okay, so this is a real music video from Jonathan Mann called "Kittens In Space," and the title isn't misleading. There are
If you think explaining tech policy is difficult, try putting it to music and lyrics. That's exactly the challenge that faced musician and artist Jonathan Mann, who last week composed a song urging Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler to ditch his plan for a payola Internet.
Jonathan Mann's word blunder on CNN.
Jonathan Mann needs a roommate. But rather than settling for just a Craigslist ad, the Brooklyn-based musician and songwriter
Jonathan Mann and Ivory King put a quirky spin on their breakup by telling friends in a song they recorded and posted to
Full Segment: Breaking up is hard for not only couples, but their friends too, so this couple decided to make their breakup a little easier on all parties with this catchy song.
Jonathan Mann and Ivory King, soon to be exes and co-writers of a break-up viral song, talk to Alyona Minkovski about break-ups, how they're glad that they're still on good terms, that they love and respect each other still, and that people's reactions to their viral hit break-up music video are helping them through it.
In the video, picked up by Jezebel on Tuesday, the adorable couple get down with some hip-wiggling choreography and explain
Jonathan Mann has been writing a song and making a video every day for the past 1385 days as part of his Song A Day project
His advances don't seem to be too effective in the video, but the software's still new, so there's no telling how Siri will
Jonathan Mann, a self-proclaimed singer-songwriter, has a channel on YouTube devoted to a song-a-day. He received acclaim
Jonathan Mann (who happens to write a song a day) came across this really interesting thread on Reddit one day calling for
As you can see in the video below, Microsoft has forced a bunch of middle schoolers in Pennsylvania to learn and perform
According to Bing's website, this is Mann's 202nd song, and it earned him $500 in prize money. For reasons that become obvious
Click here to read the memos. Scroll down for the transcript of Mann's song. The detainee is lying on a gurney That's inclined
The increasingly aggressive Krugman v. Geithner showdown has spilled out onto YouTube. Jonathan Mann, the creator of Rock
Firing someone for expressing an opinion should be branded "un-American" and identified as something you would expect from a dictatorial regime